NMC Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment

Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment

Since 2019 the framework of Mentorship used in nursing and midwifery education has been replaced by new NMC Standards for student supervision and assessment (SSSA, NMC 2018). This means the mentor model is replaced by three new roles of practice supervisor, practice assessor and academic assessor. To learn more, listen to this short summary. Links to the NMC standards are below the presentation

Can a practice supervisor assess a proficiency?

This document is a position paper agreed by MYE PLG on 25/1/22 to answer this query.

SSSA Newsletter

For supervisors and assessors who transitioned a while ago, we have produced an SSSA Newsletter (April 2021) as an updated summary of changes.

All this means the system for preparation of new supervisors and assessors has changed and no more mentor modules. Contact your local university for details of what preparation they have to offer you. Usually, preparation has no charge.