MYE PAD – Practice Assessment Document – developed by practice partners and staff, students and academic staff

The Midlands, Yorkshire and East Practice Assessment Document

The Midlands, Yorkshire and East Practice Assessment Document (MYE PAD) has been developed by the Pan London Practice Learning Group in collaboration with practice partners, mentors, academic staff, students and service users across London, the Midlands, Yorkshire and the East of England regions. This collaborative assessment document aims to support nursing students to achieve the criteria set out in the Future Nurse: Standards of Proficiency for Registered Nurses, (NMC 2018). The development of this document was funded by Health Education England.

Subsequent development of practice assessment documents for Nursing Associate programmes and Return to Practice (RTP) programmes in nursing have also been completed and all examples can be seen on this page, with a link to the NMC standards at the end.

The documents here are to be used as a guide for training and education and should not be reproduced for any other purpose. The MYE PAD documents have been adapted for use by each university and pages added or removed to meet the local needs of their programme assessment requirements. Further information can be found in the university specific information section or local university webpages.

The podcast here demonstrates how to use the MYEPAD, using examples of pages and a narration to assist understanding for students and staff in placement and university.

Nursing Associate PAD’s

If you are supporting trainee nursing associates (TNA’s) in your area these are the national assessment documents they use. If you use an electronic version with your local university, the format may look different but the content is the same.

Return to Practice

If you are supporting students on a Return to Practice (RTP) programme in nursing, these are the assessment documents used. If their university uses an electronic version, the format may look different but the content is the same..

Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)