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May 2023

We continue to work together collaborating to enhance practice-based learning for students across our HEI’s.

Work in the past year has focused on placement capacity and innovative methods to support students, supervisors, and assessors in placement. We have also developed a Proficiency strategy to enable achievement of the NMC proficiencies that can be difficult to achieve across fields and in some placement settings.

We are planning an evaluation of the MYEPAD to review this collaborative assessment document and see what has worked well and what might be improved. This evaluation will be led by an external consultant.


January 2023

Welcome to a new year and the opportunity to continue collaboration for the benefit of students and improvement to patient care. We have launched our proficiency mapping document for learning disability nursing – go to MYE RESOURCES to see more details


October 2022

Colleagues from the group attended the NETNET 2022 conference to present work completed on practice assessment and the introduction of SSSA and also sharing recommendations to support students who raise and escalate concerns about patient care. It was a productive conference, meeting new colleagues to continue developments and improvements.


May 2021

In March 2021 HEE funding meant we could review and revise our dissemination strategy, using this website as a hub for our collaborative practice learning and assessment resources. We are proud to launch this MYE WEB  with core materials and launch new resources with more in production. Each section has resources we have developed as the Midlands, Yorkshire and East Practice Learning Group – working together since 2016.

We have established core assessment documents (See MYE PAD), Core SSSA resources (See MYE SSSA), Information on our collaborations and our past webinars (See MYE RESOURCES) and with current ongoing project work we are launching MYE COACH and MYE INSPIRATION, plus more –more details and information will be added as we move into the summer.

Thank you to all of your for your support as we launch this new site. Please send feedback or queries on this site to Dr Abbie Fordham Barnes PhD RN [email protected]


March 2021

The last year has been a challenging time. Each of us has been impacted by the pandemic, but the strength of this MYE Practice Learning Group collaboration has been maximised during this time too.

When healthcare student placements ceased in March 2020, followed by senior student paid placements through the summer, the collaborative nature of the MYE PLG meant we could share experiences and support each other with redeployment processes. As the new academic year started and students returned into placements, we shared process and information on Covid risk assessments for students, access to vaccines and testing, innovations in new placement areas and continue to share resources to enhance student learning and support, and education for staff in placement areas. We have worked closely with Health Education England to map data and now we move towards an HEE national education contract, more focused work in specific areas to enhance placement capacity and explore social care settings more as placements and future workplaces for healthcare students.

We recognise health and social care currently operates in a different way and aim to support each of you and each of our students to provide educational experiences that challenge and enable students whilst on programme and enhance our future workforce.

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SSSA Newsletter

For supervisors and assessors who transitioned a while ago, we have produced an SSSA Newsletter (April 2021) as an updated summary of changes.

All this means the system for preparation of new supervisors and assessors has changed and no more mentor modules. Contact your local university for details of what preparation they have to offer you. Usually, preparation has no charge.